Fostering a Community
of Entrepreneurs at UCLA
Bruin Entrepreneurs strives to support students in every stage of their entrepreneurial journey/discovery, and provide a rich and collaborative community for them to thrive.

"We found our teammates through meeting during a Weekly Nights meeting at UCLA."

"I was able to start my own initiative and help other people learn with me"
- Arushi Tainwala, UCLA
"I met friends, and really passionate people who I could grow with here."
- Ruth Shaffer, UCLA

Bruin Entrepreneurs is the premier entrepreneurship organization on campus. Established in 2012, we have fostered the entrepreneurial spirit at UCLA by hosting events, workshops, and speaker series. Our current initiatives include 1000 Pitches, Designathon, Startup Labs, and many more. Our programs and events are designed to spark innovative dialogue between students!

Bruin Entrepreneurs is the resource and hub for all things startup and entrepreneurship related on campus. Established in 2012, we’ve created a space for entrepreneurship at UCLA by hosting events and workshops, inviting speakers, and running an in-house accelerator. Our current initiatives include 1000 Pitches, Startup Fair, Designathon, Startup Labs, and more. Our programs and events are designed to spark innovative dialogue and encourage creativity.




Startup Labs

Startup Labs is UCLA’s student-run startup accelerator program. The program offers a mentorship-focused experience with the help of successful entrepreneurs, resources to boost startup growth, and connections to a diverse community of like-minded students.

1000 Pitches

Designed to kickstart the academic year by promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, 1000 Pitches is a campus-wide pitch competition consisting of two parts: a four-week long campaign where students pitch their ideas to win a free t-shirt, and a final event where the top ten pitches present in front of a panel of judges and an audience. Students are able to pitch through an online video submission and at our pop-up stands on campus.


Designathon is an annual beginner-friendly design competition hosted by Bruin Entrepreneurs with the goal of fostering design thinking at UCLA. Student designers and creatives from diverse backgrounds and skill levels come together to innovate and create. Students have an incredible opportunity to network with peers and professionals, attend dynamic workshops, seek guidance from expert designers and learn about buzzing opportunities in the design industry.


Tech.LA Fellow's is a ten-week summer fellowship program designed to help students dive deeper into the Los Angeles startup scene. Fellows will receive a paid internship in either design, engineering, or business with one of our partner companies. Furthermore, fellows will have a multitude of opportunities to network with industry leaders and join the ever growing LA entrepreneurial environment! You can find more information online at

Flagship Events

Flagship events are how we engage with students that are curious about the entrepreneurship community at UCLA, or looking to hang out with like-minded peers. We lead weekly workshops and discussions, functioning as your entrepreneurial sounding board.

Startup Fair

Startup Fair LA, previously named Bruin Startup Fair, aims to connect UCLA’s best and brightest students to premier rising startups in the Los Angeles area. It’s a great way for entrepreneurial-minded students to interact with companies, offering an excellent opportunity for students to find full-time positions and internships in a close-knit startup environment. We hope to see you there!

VC Series

The VC Series offers students an inside look at the often confusing and inspiring world of starting ventures. By bringing current and premiere Venture Capitalists, Founders, and Thought Leaders from around LA to UCLA, The Series seeks to inspire and equip a group of driven and passionate students with the tools and conversations to start their journeys. Students will connect in intimate, personal, small group settings with some of the largest players in entrepreneurship. The VC Series seeks to grow and cultivate the student conversation around entrepreneurship, elevating and strengthening the community in the journey.

Apply to be a board member of the elite entrepreneurial organization at UCLA. Open positions are available in technology, operations, design, marketing, and more. If you want to be part of largest student-run group tackling the growing LA start-up scene, fill out our application below!

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