Fostering a Community
of Entrepreneurs at UCLA
Our mission is to bring passionate individuals into a collaborative community where new ideas, connections, and ventures come to life.

"We found our teammates through meeting during a Weekly Nights meeting at UCLA."

"I was able to start my own initiative and help other people learn with me"
- Arushi Tainwala, UCLA
"I met friends, and really passionate people who I could grow with here."
- Ruth Shaffer, UCLA

Bruin Entrepreneurs was created in 2012 to promote entrepreneurialism at UCLA. We organize three main programs every year, each with their respective boards: LA Hacks, Startup Labs, and Creative Labs. Along with these, we host entrepreneurial-related networking events, workshops, and speaker nights every week, designed to spark innovative dialogue between a diverse group of students.




Startup Labs

Startup Labs is a startup accelerator dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial spirit and engagement at UCLA. We work with students to create an environment that provides innovative students feedback and guidance for their pursuit of specific entrepreneurial endeavors. Each quarter, we welcome a new collaborative cohort into the program and guide them to success through workshops, close mentorship, and social events. With our resources and network of successful entrepreneurs and investors, Startup Labs aims to help grow ideas into reality.

LA Hacks

LA Hacks is a weekend of creation. Over 36 hours, development, design, and data-driven hackers collaborate on and build creative solutions to some of the nation’s most prominent issues. Founded in Spring, 2012, LA Hacks began as an endeavor between Bruin Entrepreneurs and Sigma Eta Pi, and over the past four years, we have upheld the SoCal standard of technology based hacking and continue to extend our reach into the city itself, introducing design and data hacking options in ways never before seen in the traditional hackathon. This is the weekend build something awesome and become a part of the LA creative community!

Creative Labs

Creative Labs is a platform where designers and developers from different backgrounds at UCLA work on projects together and learn from each other and professionals in industry. It also serves as a mini agency to individuals or small companies who have design challenges involving branding, web and mobile design and helps them solve those by the collaboration of talented students at UCLA. We had some exciting projects last quarter and have some great ones planned for this quarter as well.


Our Fellowships program bridges the gap that exists between early stage startups and talented college students. Our goal is to actively engage students in startups and startup culture by creating a program for them to work with, and be mentored by participating companies. In addition to assisting students, this program simplifies the intern recruitment process for startups. We do the resume review, preliminary interviews, and quality check before handing over qualified students to companies that best fit their skill set and interests.

Weekly Nights

The Weekly Nights committee at Bruin Entrepreneurs strives to host enriching entrepreneurship events with the aim of challenging, educating, and inspiring our members. These events include skills workshops, speaker series, and networking sessions. Come out every Tuesday at Covel 203 to connect with a large group of driven, like-minded individuals and learn about the budding LA entrepreneurial scene!

Apply to be a board member of the elite entrepreneurial organization at UCLA. Open positions are available in technology, operations, design, marketing, and more. If you want to be part of largest student-run group tackling the growing LA start-up scene, fill out our application below!

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